5 Must Have iPad Applications for Lawyers

We are living in an age where people have access to large quantities of data and information at a moment’s notice. Additionally, the cost to obtain this data and information is so low, that virtually anyone can afford it. We are living in a truly remarkable time, but what is even more remarkable to me, is how slow the legal field has responded to these changes. Believe it or not, lawyers, paralegals, assistants, and other related legal personnel still lug around large files, filled with hundreds of documents. Lugging around all these bulky things certainly provides for a great work out, but it is hardly efficient. In this day and age, where all these documents can fit into a small tablet, computer, or even a cell phone, why are so many lawyers still operating as if we are living in the 1970s?


Below are 5 must-have iPad applications for lawyers, that will drastically reduce the number of things you need to lug around, and will also help you reach optimal efficiency which is paramount to your success in the highly competitive legal market today. (These applications are listed in no specific order)


1. Fastcase


Fastcase allows lawyers to do legal research free of charge unlike its counterparts Westlaw, LexisNexis, and Bloomberg Law. You can research case law, statutes, and other pertinent legal information, and you can use several filters to narrow your search to find precisely what you are looking for. The Fastcase application on the iPad simplifies the research process even more than the web version. The first page starts out by asking you to select what exactly you are looking for (ie: case or statute), and then the second page allows you to narrow your search by jurisdiction, year, court, and so forth. After finding what you are looking for, the Fastcase platform then allows you to conveniently save your results, so that you may reference them when necessary. Having this application at your fingertips is a must for all lawyers.


2. TrialPad


TrialPad is an amazing iPad application that allows you to store all essential evidence in one place. You can organize this evidence however you like, you can add and label exhibit stickers to each piece of evidence, and you can edit any evidence accordingly. Additionally, with this application, you can conduct your trials all from a small lightweight tablet, and you will no longer need to deal with endless amounts of paper and boxes. The TrialPad application also has call out sections of text, it allows you to highlight text, and also allows you to compare documents side-by-side. Whether you have video, image, sound, or document evidence, TrialPad is a great place to store everything, and it is also a great way to wow the judge. This application is a bit pricey at $130.00, but if you do a lot of trial work you will surely find the TrialPad to be worth the price.


3. Agile Law


Seamlessly run a deposition without printing a single document. All exhibits can be viewed right from the iPad and at the end of the deposition, you can send all documents via email in the form of a PDF to the deponent or any other necessary party/person. Depending on what you require, Agile Law can get pricey, but if convenience and efficiency are important to you, then Agile Law is surely an application worth trying.


4. Notes


Sometimes the simplest iPad application is also one of the most valuable ones. Notes is straight to the point, and often people that use it do so with the intention of creating “notes”, but what people often do not realize is this application also allows you to do much more than just create a note. The notes application allows you to import and export pertinent documents in PDF, DOC, DOCX, and other formats. Furthermore, you can select the pertinent documents and you can highlight or write on them using your apple pencil (provided your iPad allows for apple pencil use), and at any time you can send the edited document via email to any assistants, clients, or other interested parties.


5. Documents By Readdle


This application while very simple in its function is one of the most important applications for iPad users. Documents By Readdle allows you to store literally everything in one place, and you can also send anything on your iPad to anyone from this application. Furthermore, Documents By Readdle is compatible with virtually any type of file, so you will not have any trouble having to deal with file conversions. For iPad users, this application is an absolute must.


If you are in the legal field, drop your comments below and tell us what you think are the most important iPad applications for the 21st Century lawyer.

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